10 reasons why you should quit your job and move to Costa Rica

Do you dream about another life where you could live in another country, working and enjoying life at the same moment? Have you ever thought about going to Central America? Here are 10 reasons why you should quit your job and move to Costa Rica!

1. Extraordinary nature everywhere

Costa Rica is a lot of times called as one of the most magical and beautiful countries on Earth. Why? Because of the diversity of its landscapes. Costa Rica is full of natural wonders and everyone will love it, there is so much to do! When living in Costa Rica, you can experience a hike in epic volcanoes. You will also see some dolphins and whales or even sloths walking around. Between the palm trees and old growth trees, toucans and scarlet macaws will fly around you. To end a perfect day, what is better than laying on the beach or jumping from a waterfall?

2. Healthcare is affordable for everyone

Healthcare is very important here in Costa Rica. A lot of hospitals in the country offer a world-class care including procedures like dental work, surgeries and more. Costa Rican citizens receive a free healthcare and foreign residents can pay a low tax fee to join the national healthcare program which has a really high quality. That’s a really good reason to move to Costa Rica!

3. A good climate all year round

Here in Costa Rica, the sun shines every day even during the rainy season. Temperature is on both coasts between 70s and 80s on average and the ocean always warm.

4. Its proximity to North America

The country has two major airports, one in the capital of San Jose and one in the region of Guanacaste in Liberia. Both of these airports offer national and international flights, and also direct flights to major cities in the US at a very reasonable price, which make it easy to stay close to family or have some visitors!

5. A supportive expats community

Another good reason to choose Costa Rica to move in is because of it’s supportive expats community. Costa Rica has always been popular among expats for years. It has now a well-established community in almost every coastal town and in San Jose. Thanks to these communities, excellent schools for children have been created, as well as markets, restaurant, stores and some practices like yoga, surf etc… You could find yourself even closer with your supportive community in Costa Rica than the one you had back to your home!

6. A healthy lifestyle

Living in Costa Rica make you eat more fruits and vegetables and make you use your body much more than living in a big cities in North America. The relax lifestyle and the immersion in nature help to fully relax and improve your health. Also, a big advantage being in a small town in Costa Rica, you will find much less pollution than in big north American cities!

7. A stable government and a good economy

Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world to have abolished its army in 1950. This place is now known as one of the most stable democracies in the world! The economy is also experiencing a pretty good growth thanks to foreign investments such as tourism which can be a good plus for those looking to invest in the country.

8. Kind and friendly locals

Ticos (local costa Ricans) are some of the most hospitable and peace-oriented people. They love talking to tourist or residents about their country that they love and will always warmly welcome you. They also are very educated and know a lot about plant medicine, wildlife and ecological environment aspect. If you wish to live in a small coastal-town, you will become part of their friends or even part of their families.

9. Outdoor activities

Hiking trails, kayaking, rafting, diving, surfing… These are just a small example of all the activities you can do while in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a nature and adventure lovers dream. Are you more into high adrenaline outdoor activities? No problem, ziplining through the jungle or bungee jumping are also in the list!

10. The Pura Vida lifestyle

There are two words that you will hear every day if you decide to live in Costa Rica: PURA VIDA.

Pura Vida is more than just a simple phrase for Costa Ricans, it’s a mantra they keep saying to remember themselves and everyone else to relax, let things go, be grateful for what you have and enjoy your life. Forget about the traditional “goodbye”, here, it’s “Pura Vida”!

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