Are you traveling to Costa Rica for your next holidays? Here are some reasons why you should choose Samara for your vacation!

Plenty of nature activities

Samara delights surfers and nature-lovers. At high tide, its 7 km long white sand beach, is an ideal spot for beginning surfers. The bay of Samara is protected by an offshore coral reef. So when the tide goes done, is good for swimming and snorkeling. Samara and its surroundings offers a wide range of excursions and outdoor activities : fishing, horseback riding, diving, kayaking, quad biking, zip lining in the jungle … There is also a lot of tour options, like going to observe the turtle at the wildlife refuge of Ostional.

An authentic beach town

Even if Samara has its share of amenities, it still has a local vibe and small beach-town feel despite the international influences. Nicknamed “The black hole of happiness” by travelers who have never managed to leave this little paradise, Samara is undeniably the seaside town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica which has kept, over the years , its authenticity. For a lunch under the palmtrees or a dinner with your feet in the sand, you will find many restaurants along the beach. Moreover, Samara is still not so crowded and really safe. Samara is definitely the perfect place to soak up sun and enjoy beach life during your vacation

Very accessible

Between the ocean and the jungle, Samara remains a very accessible seaside town. From the airport of San José and Libéria, a paved road will lead you directly to this little paradise. You won’t have to cross a river or take a durst road. Besides, the village is well located in the peninsula of Nicoya. Samara is easily reachable from northern coastal beaches like Tamarindo and those more south like Santa Teresa and Montezuma. Samara is necessarily on your way, you can’t miss it !

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