Are you coming to Central America? Do you want to travel through one of the most beautiful country in the world? Here is the 5 top things to do while traveling to Costa Rica.

1. Discover coffee and chocolate plantations & typical towns

Surrounding San Jose, on the Caribbean coast, you will find plenty of coffee and chocolate plantations. Let’s go for a guided tour of farms, followed by a tasting and a quick class about how the coffee is cultivated, processed and roasted. Your tastes buds will thank you! After that, you will be able to visit a small typical town where locals will be pleased to talk to you about their culture!

2. Enjoy the richness of exotic fruits

With its good weather all year round, Costa Rica has a huge diversity of exotic fruits. Let’s go to Borbón mercado in San Jose where dozens of merchants will be there to sell their fresh fruits or even at a crossroads where merchants will have some pineapples, papayas and mangos! Let yourself be guided by the sound of “Pipa fría!” shout out from the street to enjoy a fresh coconut. It’s now time to go for lunch with rice, black beans, plantains bananas or even avocado, really good stuff before going for a great outdoor activity!

3. Become an adventurer

After a good lunch, you will be able to enjoy numerous activities and sports all year round. Do you prefer a relax afternoon and full of emotions? Go for a dolphins and whales boat tour followed by some snorkeling to admire the rich submarine life. Are you more into thrills? Let’s do a ziplining day into the jungle. Activities for family? Why not some kayak or a horse ride at the beach? Here in Costa Rica, we have something for everyone! And for the most adventurers, we recommend you a hike to the summit of a volcano to be speechless in front of a beautiful sunrise…

4. Be amazed by the wonderful nature and the wildlife

Another point of the 5 top things to do in Costa Rica is admire nature and wildlife. This tiny country owns by itself 6% of the world biodiversity, which make it one of the most important country in the world in term of biodiversity. All the national parks will blow your mind away with their beauty and it’s with eyes wide open that you will discover jungle on the corner of a suspended bridge, walked near a sloth on the middle of the road and watch birds of every color.

5. Relax yourself at the beach

With its 1500km of coastlines, Costa Rica is a small paradise for the sea lovers. Between the crystal waters of the Caribbean coast and the waves of the Pacific Ocean, you will have a lot of choices if you want to lay under the shallow of a palm tree. Surf, snorkeling and scuba diving are just a sample of all the activities that will be propose to you to make your stay the more unforgettable it can be.

So, what are you waiting for to come and enjoy this paradise? Pura Vida!

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