Guanacaste, a region located on the west coast of the country, is pretty popular for tourism in Costa Rica. Let’s see some good reasons to travel/live in Guanacaste!

Area infos 

This part of the country is easy to access mostly because the second airport of the country is located in Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste. A lot of international flights are available to and from this airport. If you are looking for sun, beach but also nature and adventure, you can totally choose to come to Guanacaste, you won’t be disappointed!

Guanacaste is not just a place for travelers, it is also an area really appreciated of expats who want to live in this great country. A lot of foreign investors decide to come and build a life here, by opening a business, building a house or coming here to retire.

Let’s see together some information about this beautiful zone that is Guanacaste.

  • Surface: +/- 10.000km²
  • Population: +/- 300 000 inhabitants
  • Capital: Liberia
  • Climate: good all year round


Climate in Guanacaste is unique. This area is also known as being the sunniest of the country. It doesn’t rain a lot, only during rainy season, and even during that time, it rains less than in the rest of the country! Temperatures are also very pleasant all year round. You will have between 25 and 35°C and the sea will always be warm! That is a pretty good reason to travel/live in Guanacaste in Costa Rica, especially when living in a cold country!


Beside the good climate, by coming to Guanacaste, you will be able to visit numerous national parks with a lot of wildlife! Crocodiles, turtles, dolphins, whales… you will have a lot to see!

What to see, what to do? 

If you travel/live in Guanacaste, start your journey by a visit at the national park Rincon de la Vieja, famous for his volcano and his hot springs. Go then at national park Marino Las Baulas to meet Luth turtles, and then it’s time for some thrills in the national park Palo Verde where dozens of crocodiles will give you a visit… After all these emotions, go get some rest on the beautiful beach of Samara known as one of the most beautiful beach of Costa Rica. You will enjoy the quiet under the shadow of a palm tree. You will cool off in the waves and drink a cocktail in a beach bar. If you don’t like to relax, it’s ok! A lot of activities are available like quad bike, horse riding, ziplining, kayak and much more…

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Live in Guanacaste

Guanacaste is not only attractive because of the tourism. For people wanting to live in this area, the region has a lot of services that facilitate the life here.

International schools, supermarkets, doctors, public transport, good telecommunications etc… The quality of life is really good in this part of the country!

If you want to invest and live in Guanacaste, feel free to contact us right here, we will be happy to give you some advices and we will help you find the house of your dreams to make all the family happy!


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